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2014 WNBA Draft - Round 2, Pick 12: Minnesota Lynx select Vanderbilt's Christina Foggie

Seriously, folks: why do the Lynx keep getting talent that other people don't seem to notice?

With the final pick of the second round, the Lynx selected Vanderbilt's Christina Foggie.

Wows: I will not go on a mini-rant about this, but if you want a shooter, why not take one who actually puts the ball through the basket often? Foggie does that and actually does it better than some more highly touted prospects and a few drafted higher than her. She's an extremely good shooter, both off the dribble and off screens and will add another threat to Lynx training camp. Her free throw rate - which the Lynx apparently pay attention to as well - is also higher than a number of other guards in this draft.

Wonders: The one red flag for Foggie is that she shot just over 50% of her shots from beyond the three point arc. But if the Lynx need a spot up shooter - and that would appear to be the case - why not give Foggie a shot?

Worries: Foggie tended to struggle against quicker defenders, which was one knock against her. But if she's in a system where she can spot up or find opportunities off of weakside action, she should be ok.