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2014 WNBA Draft - Round 2, Pick 9: Phoenix Mercury select Maggie Lucas

With the 21st pick of the WNBA Draft, the Phoenix Mercury selected Penn State's Maggie Lucas.

Wows: Lucas is an outstanding three point shooter who does a great job at running off screens to catch and shoot threes. She's improved her ability to score outside of those situations and has a real chance to thrive in the Mercury's system.

Wonders: How much will she play on a team that doesn't lack for perimeter players and, when she does play, how will they set her up for shots?

Worries: For all the talk about how good of a shooter Lucas is, she only shot 41.2% from inside the arc - very low compared to past prospects - and is not an especially good ball handler/playmaker. With her slight frame, the big concern is what she does in the pros when not being set up for threes.

For more on Lucas, check out our article about her Big Ten legacy from earlier this season.