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2014 WNBA Draft - Round 2, Pick 5: The Phoenix Mercury select Oklahoma State's Tiffany Bias

The Phoenix Mercury have selected Oklahoma State's Tiffany Bias with the fifth pick in the second round.

Wows: Tiffany Bias is a feisty competitor and probably hasn't gotten as much credit as she deserves for her defensive ability. Offensively, with Chelsea Gray injured, Bias might have been the best pure point guard in this draft and does a great job of controlling the tempo and creating for others. With the personnel the Mercury have - and whether they continue to run at breakneck speed as they have in the past or not - Bias is a great fit for that team.

Wonders: Bias was a small guard, even by college standards, listed at just 5-foot-6. How well will she be able to score in traffic or defend against WNBA competition?

Worries: Bias is not a very efficient scorer, especially when it comes to trying to score at the rim. If that was a problem in college, it's unlikely that she'll suddenly get more efficient in the pros.