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Iowa State's Hallie Christofferson blogs on the end of her college career and preparing for a pro career

After a disappointing end to her college career, Iowa State forward Hallie Christofferson is looking forward to continuing her basketball career in the professional ranks.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Spor

You always think there will be another practice, another game, another season. You have watched each previous season's seniors walk off the court for the last time, always wishing you could have done something more to prolong the season.

All the emotions, memories, and "what if's" never truly hit you until it's your turn to step off. After a 55-44 loss to Florida State in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, my career as a Cyclone and playing in front of our loyal fans came to an end.

The emotions of the last four years all hit me at once, as I realized "IOWA STATE" will never be worn across my chest again. It was an unreal feeling, as I tried to hold back the tears when the final horn sounded, and I walked off the court as a player in Hilton.

Even with all the emotions I felt in the final game, I realized I am not ready to give up the sport I love. Too much has gone into getting where I am today to just step away right now. I want to lace up my shoes, put on another jersey, and walk onto a court again, wherever that may be

So, here I wait until draft night. If my I hear my name get called and I have the opportunity to continue playing, I will definitely make the best of it. Who would have thought a small town farm girl could possibly have the chance to play professionally? Never had the thought crossed my mind, and now I play the waiting game to see what happens on Monday night.

To get ready for the next step, I have been jumping in the post-season small group workouts, working with the posts but continuing to work on the outside elements. I have been working on moving away from the basket more, as well as a little ball handling here and there, something I didn't have to do much this past season. Lifting and conditioning with our strength coach Pete Link has also been on top of the workout list.

All in all, I'm sticking to what got me this far. Wherever basketball leads me, whether it is in the States or even overseas, I am going to make the best of it. The way I see it, as long as I am healthy and able, I want to see where this game could take me. Hard work, dedication, and a wonderful support group have got me this far, so why stop now?