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Louisville senior Shoni Schimmel's improved ball handling in 2014 NCAA Tournament reflects a broader trend

In the past when we talked about Louisville turnovers, we might have discussed the high-risk, high-reward play of guard Shoni Schimmel.

Yet as Michael Grant of the Journal-Courier has noted, that's an area of improvement for the senior lately.

That's not it, though. Schimmel has always been a lethal scorer. Now the star guard has been an incredibly efficient playmaker too with 18 assists to only three turnovers in the NCAAs.

On Sunday afternoon, she propelled U of L to its third straight rout by clobbering LSU 73-47. Schimmel finished with 19 points 6-of-13 shooting with six assists and two turnovers in 30 minutes.

To put the numbers in even broader context, Schimmel has a career-low 89 turnovers this season - a reasonable turnover ratio of about 11%. For those watching her as a WNBA draft prospect, that's a big development for her: although her 39.6% field goal percentage won't make her the most efficient player in the draft, her improved ball handling numbers might help her stock a bit.

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