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Turnovers could be the stat to watch in Louisville, Maryland Elite Eight matchup

Todd Carton of SB Nation's Testudo Times wrote up a rather comprehensive analysis of the statistical profiles for Louisville and Maryland to preview tonight's Elite Eight matchup.

In the search for potential advantages the Terrapins could establish, he highlights rebounding as a battle that Maryland should win. But a more interesting thing to watch could be the turnover situation given that both are somewhat turnover-prone teams that force more than they commit.

Louisville yields 58.9 points per game and does so by sound perimeter defense that generates turnovers and forces their opponents out of their comfort zone. On average, they force over 19 turnovers per game or a turnover on one of every four possessions somewhat better than Maryland whose foes turn the ball over about twenty-two percent of the time...If they are to win Tuesday night, the Terps will need better play from Lexi Brown. Though she scored 14 points in the win against Tennessee, the freshman had only one assist and an uncharacteristic six turnovers. Walz will have noticed this and will try to pressure Brown into continuing to make poor decisions.

To his point about Brown, going up against Louisville guards Jude Schimmel and Bria Smith - who are both adept at creating steals - won't make things any easier on her in this round. But to Maryland's advantage might be that their most turnover-prone players are low-usage Alicia DeVaughn and seldom-used Brene Moseley; two of Louisville's three most turnover-prone players are ball handlers Schimmel and Smith.

The defensive schemes will be interesting to watch, but the Cardinals' pair of turnover-prone guards could be as significant as the Terrapins' less experienced one.

For a full preview, check out the article at Testudo Times. For more on their paths to the Elite Eight, check out our Louisville region storystream.