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2014 SEC women's basketball tournament: When will Ariel Massengale return for Tennessee?

Chris Pendley of SB Nation's Rocky Top Talk previewed the Tennessee Lady Vols 2014 SEC Tournament opener against the LSU Lady Tigers today with a key question:

LSU flat won in Knoxville; Tennessee flat won in Baton Rouge (let's ignore the extreme refereeing efforts associated with that game). At this point, we know LSU's strengths and weaknesses - if you don't, check the original previews above - so let's distill this down to one question: Will Ariel Massengale be back?...At this point, Tennessee's seen LSU for 80 minutes (and I can only assume they watched the latest game); LSU's sudden ability to score couldn't come at a worse time, and of the three dangers - Theresa Plaisance, Danielle Ballard, and Jeanna Kenney - at least two need to be shut down. Shanece McKinney, who went off against Alabama, hasn't done too much against Tennessee, so, y'know, keep doing that.

Of course, Ariel Massengale was present for the Lady Vols in Tennessee's loss to LSU, but the team finally seems to be playing to their potential lately and having the primary option in their point guard rotation back would be a major asset.

For more on the game, check out the preview at SBN's Rocky Top Talk.