Former Florida star Sydney Moss on the NCAA's transfer rules


Moss did not want to sit out a year. With less stress of playing, a smaller campus and being closer to home, she chose Thomas More in late June.

When asked about a college system that allows coaches to go from school to school without repercussions, Moss said she understands some of the transfer rules but wishes there was some leniency.

"If you had no transfer rules then you would have a ton of powerhouses," Moss said. "I think there should be reasons why you shouldn't have to sit out a year -- family death, getting closer to home. But if you are transferring to a school that just won a national title and it is for that reason then there should be rules."

From "More to Sydney Moss' story than just last name" by Joe Reedy of FOX Sports Ohio
The quote above is just one part of a great article that discusses Sydney Moss' relationship to her father, Randy Moss, as well as providing some more context for her decision to transfer from Florida. The entire article is worth a read, but seeing what Moss had to say about the NCAA's transfer rules is particularly interesting in light of broader discussions about the "shortcomings", as Reedy phrased it, of the NCAA's rules for student-athletes. For more on Moss' journey from Division I to Division III, check out our storystream following her path.