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Tennessee falls to Maryland in fitting fashion

David Hooper of Rocky Top Talk wrote a somber summary of Tennessee's 73-62 loss to Maryland today, but he really summed up the game best with a comment in our open thread:

So for anybody who watched Tennessee-Maryland but hasn't seen much Tennessee this year, you just saw every bad habit of Tennessee’s in one game. That’s how they lost to Stanford, LSU, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky during the regular season as well.

Maryland's Alyssa Thomas is going to get a lot of credit for this one - and deservedly so with a career-high 33 points - but Tennessee fans aren't just seeing the world through rose-colored glasses if they claim a lot of this loss came due to self-inflicted harm.

Sadly, it was just a fitting end to a season for a team that seemed to be on the upswing, but couldn't survive its own flaws; that makes the following tweet less trolling than a simple statement of fact.

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