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Point guard matchup could be key for Maryland, Tennessee in Sweet 16

Todd Carton of SB Nation's Testudo Times previewed Maryland's Sweet 16 game against Tennessee, highlighting an interesting key matchup between familiar foes.

One other interesting match-up could be between the freshman point guards. Lexi Brown assumed the starting role for Maryland early in the season while her Tennessee counterpart, redshirt freshman Andraya Carter, took over as the starter when Ariel Massengale went down with a head injury in Tennessee's January 23 game against Florida. Although she's had moments where she played like a freshman, the team hasn't missed a beat winning thirteen of their fourteen games since Carter assumed the starting role. The intrigue comes because Carter hails from Buford, GA which is just a seven mile hop up Route 23 from Lexi's home town of Suwanee. I suspect they're familiar with one another.

Obviously both teams have bigger stars - not to mention other more experienced players who are capable of handling the ball and making plays, but the ability of these two freshmen to run their teams in the halfcourt might indeed have an impact.

Interestingly, Brown is actually the more efficient ball handler and Carter is the more efficient, if less involved, offensive player. But their familiarity with one another could make for an interesting battle on the defensive end.

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