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UConn advances to ninth straight Elite Eight with win over BYU

Two tweets really summed up how UConn beat BYU today despite falling behind by their biggest deficit of the season (5) in the first half.

As much of a defensive presence as 6-foot-7 center Jennifer Hamson has been in the tournament, it's really oversimplifying things to suggest that her presence alone is what allowed BYU to establish a lead: they did an outstanding job of moving the ball, hitting shots and closing out on UConn's three point shooters in the first half. In the second half, they just couldn't hit shots over UConn's defense.

Therein lies the challenge in beating UConn: even if an opponent do come up with a game plan to compete with them, they have so many weapons that something - whether offensively or defensively - will eventually be an opponent's undoing.

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