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Swish Appeal's 2014 WNBA community mock draft: Who should the Chicago Sky select 10th?

As we near the end of our community mock draft, the Chicago Sky are on the clock with the 10th pick in the draft.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the ninth pick in our 2014 WNBA community mock draft, the Indiana Fever selected Markeisha Gatling. We've added LSU's Theresa Plaisance to the poll to replace Gatling.

We now move on to pick #10.

- - -

You are the GM of the Chicago Sky. You're coming off the best season in franchise history and a first-ever playoff berth.

A lot of that success has been directly attributed to doing quite well for yourself in the 2013 WNBA Draft: with the second pick, you seized the opportunity to select 2013 WNBA Rookie of the Year Elena Delle Donne.

To build on your success from 2013, you'll already be returning the top six players in your rotation. In addition, you've already re-signed reserves Allie Quigley and Avery Warley as well as bringing in Jessica Breland. Breland's addition further reinforces your roster's biggest strength: as one of the league's top offensive rebounders, Breland should almost guarantee that the Sky will once again have the league's top offensive rebounding differential. With Defensive Player of the Year Syliva Fowles anchoring the middle and Delle Donne expected to improve, there's no reason to believe you won't take a step forward this season.

So where are the holes?

Although your squad was only an average shooting team by effective field goal percentage, it also happened to be the best in the Eastern Conference - while certainly an area for improvement (and a reflection of below average 2-point shooting), it might not be a primary area of concern. The team's biggest weakness statistically was its inability to force turnovers, which at least partially reflected a vulnerability that the Indiana Fever exposed in the first round of the 2013 WNBA Playoffs: perimeter defense.

Despite having a really strong defensive rating statistically, perimeter defense was a challenge throughout the season as the starting guard rotation struggled to stay in front of quicker opposing guards. Small forward Tamera Young is a strong defender, but as someone who hasn't made a three pointer since 2011 teams were able to sag off her thus clogging the lane offensively. With star guard Epiphanny Prince taking a step backwards after an outstanding 2012 season, perimeter play might be the team's biggest concern right now.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of guards left in this year's pool of prospects at this point, providing you with a number of options - depending on who you talk to, a guard might even be the best player available. The player with the most defensive potential on the board might be Georgia Tech's Tyaunna Marshall, who's an aggressive offensive rebounder and attacks the rim as well as any guard in the draft. Tennessee's Meighan Simmons' quickness and wingspan also gives her plenty of offensive potential to go with her ability to shoot threes off the dribble. Although you already have two point guards, Oklahoma State's Tiffany Bias is a better defender than her 5-foot-6 stature suggests and might be an interesting fit.

Louisville's Shoni Schimmel might not help on the defensive end quite as much, but could add another three point shooter and secondary ball handler. If three point shooting is something you want to bolster, Vanderbilt's Christina Foggie or Duke's Tricia Liston might be options you'd consider. Similarly, forwards Jordan Hooper or Bri Kulas could add another perimeter threat to the team.

However those options don't exclude going big, if you feel one of them are the best player available: LSU's Theresa Plaisance might be an interesting complement to the existing post rotation; Notre Dame's Natalie Achonwa has proven she's a high IQ player who can help facilitate offense from the high post.

So, who would you pick as the Chicago Sky's GM at #10?

To provide your input, vote in the poll below, AND also provide a comment below. Remember that voting alone will not be sufficient to get a player picked since we don't want to see potential trolling of the system. Thanks for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing who you would pick.