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2014 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament Sweet 16 predictions: DePaul, North Carolina, Texas A&M are teams to watch

While I previewed the Sweet 16 by looking at a few of the top WNBA prospects still playing, I threw out a few questions to other bloggers around SB Nation who cover women's basketball. Today we begin with a set of questions I asked the writers who have been covering the tournament for Swish Appeal.

After making a run to the Sweet 16, does DePaul have another surprise in them?
After making a run to the Sweet 16, does DePaul have another surprise in them?
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

1. What surprised (you most about the first two rounds? (That could be an upset or just the performance of a given team/player)?

Chuck Chaney: The play of LSU. A team that had been to the Sweet 16 seven of the last 11 years, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise. However, they had a down year and I assumed they weren't worthy of this seeding. However, they topped a very good West Virginia squad to get to their 8th Sweet 16 in the last 12 years. That's just downright impressive.

M Robinson: Duke losing to DePaul on their home floor. Also, how easily Louisville beat Iowa.

Queenie: BYU.

2. Which Sweet 16 team do you think is most likely to surprise people this weekend?

CC: Maryland is downright scary. Alyssa Thomas is a beast and as I said here ( They're the only team to remotely come close to touching Notre Dame. They'll do their best to give Tennessee everything they want and more this weekend.

MR: DePaul.

Queenie: I don't think there are many surprises in that regard - the most surprising/interesting teams are either facing each other or, in BYU's case, the elephant in the room.

3. Which Sweet 16 game are you most excited to see?

CC: Oklahoma State vs. Notre Dame. Call me a state homer, that's fine. However, I'd like to see how Tiffany Bias matches up against Notre Dame's really, really, really, really good guards. I'm not predicting an upset, just very excited to see this match up.

MR: North Carolina vs. South Carolina.

Queenie: DePaul-Texas A&M, with South Carolina-North Carolina a close second.

4. Which team has the best shot of beating either UConn or Notre Dame (outside of them beating each other)?

CC: Baylor. Led by Odyssey Sims and Nina Davis, they have the shooting and the length to compete with both teams. We saw how UConn beat a very young Baylor team early in the season. These freshmen, who were untested at the time, have gone through the gauntlet that is the Big 12. I think if anyone does give them a loss, it could be Baylor.

MR: North Carolina.

Queenie: Well, I've got TAMU over UConn in my bracket, and South Carolina over Notre Dame in one of them, so you tell me.

We'll have more about the Sweet 16 in a roundtable of SB Nation bloggers from other sites tomorrow before the games begin, but for now: how would you answer these questions? Which games are you most looking forward to this weekend? Let us know in the comments!