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Texas A&M's three point defense will be put to the test against hot-shooting DePaul

Jim Hu of SB Nation's Texas A&M site Good Bull Hunting recapped the Aggies 85-69 win over James Madison last night and offered a brief preview of what it will take to beat DePaul in the Sweet 16.

DePaul survived a record-setting track meet with Oklahoma on Saturday and then used a press and 3-point game to knock off the 2 seed (Duke). The lack of a point guard meant 21 turnovers against the DePaul press and may have dictated playing zone… not a great idea against an exceptional 3-point shooting team...DePaul was 14-33 from behind the arc...A&M will play man and has been one of the better 3-point defense teams all year. Another performance like Tuesday's in the paint would go a long way against DePaul.

To his point about the Aggies' three point defense, they had the fifth-lowest opponent three point percentage this season in the nation this season (26.1%), according to WBB State. And in many of their games, opponents didn't get to 10 attempts. That certainly makes for an interesting clash this coming weekend: DePaul has shot 25-for-56 over its past two games.

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