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Swish Appeal's 2014 WNBA community mock draft: Who should the Seattle Storm select with the seventh pick?

Moving right along in our community mock draft process, today we focus on the Seattle Storm's seventh pick.

So we changed the voting process yesterday to require logging in and that certainly put a bit of a damper on the enthusiasm and "turnout" - although the dominant sentiment was that the Washington Mystics should take Stefanie Dolson, we didn't get anywhere near the number of votes as we've gotten previously.

But that's ok - people are always reluctant to change and we're confident that there will be a bit more activity today with the Seattle Storm's mock pick. And the voting process is really simple folks: just go to the comments and type "Vote" and the name of the player you're voting for. If someone else has already voted for the player you voted for, all you have to do is "rec" their comment - rec'ing a comment is just as anonymous to readers as voting in the poll was, I promise.

Anyway, with the Mystics getting Dolson, we've removed her from our "poll" and added Oklahoma State's Tiffany Bias. Now go to the comments and vote for the person you think the Storm should draft.

- - -

You are the GM of the Seattle Storm. You are coming off a season in which you exceeded most people's expectations in getting to the playoffs without superstar franchise building blocks Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson.

This year, you'll have Bird back but Lauren Jackson will miss the season once again due to injury followed by the World Championships. After an outstanding final season, Tina Thompson has retired. Yet with Camille Little re-signing just yesterday, you'll now have four of the five starters from your 2010 championship team back in action - in the future, there's hope of Jackson coming back and giving the franchise one more run at a championship.

That gives you a number of potential directions to go in this draft.

Not that you can just go out and replace LJ, but obviously figuring out how to fill her spot (as well as Tina Thompson's) in the rotation is a question even after last year's success. Last year's first round draft pick Tianna Hawkins is probably part of that equation, but as the team had the second-lowest offensive rebounding percentage in the league last season interior play is probably an area of improvement.

At point guard, you have Bird and veteran Temeka Johnson, but at some point you'll have to start thinking about grooming a replacement. And on the wing, Alysha Clark emerged as a serviceable rotation player last season and Shekinna Stricklen showed improvement from the 3-point line, which will be valuable to your team offensively: with Thompson retired, Stricklen will be the only returner from 2013 who made more than one three per game.

Looking at your roster, there's a clear tension between trying to get the most out of your veteran core in the present and trying to plan for the future. And it's not entirely clear at this point in the draft how much better the so-called "best player available" is than a player who might fill a need.

So who do you pick with the seventh pick in the 2014 WNBA (mock) draft?

We are awaiting your pick in the **comments** below as well as your thoughts on who needs to be added to our list for future picks.

Voting procedure: Instead of voting with SB Nation's formal poll feature, we're going to move to voting in the comments, which requires everyone who wishes to cast a vote to log in first. By doing this, we avoid the conundrum of trying to determine if someone is stuffing the ballot box.

The way this process will work is as follows:

  • You can cast your vote in two ways: 1) posting a new comment with the subject line "Vote: [insert player name here]" OR 2) logging in and clicking the "rec" button on someone else's previous vote (which would still keep your vote anonymous to the world). In terms of your effort, it really shouldn't require any extra time; if nobody else has nominated your choice, it just takes a few more keystrokes.
  • We will tally the recs for each nominated player to determine the team's draft choice.

The process itself really isn't that difficult - we just want to make sure the results reflect the majority of the voting community and anyone already registered for the site can still vote this way.

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, just shoot us an email at swishappeal at Thanks!

For more background on all of the draft's top prospects, check out our 2014 WNBA Draft prospect watch storystream.