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Tennessee vs. St. John's preview: Which Lady Vols' SEC opponent is most similar to the Red Storm?

An interesting analysis from Chris Pendley over at SB Nation's Rocky Top Talk to preview Tennessee's second round matchup against St. John's: which SEC team is most similar to the Red Storm?

Most Similar Team: Texas A&M. It's not a clean match, but Handford's game reminds me of a not-as-good Courtney Walker. Walker and Courtney Williams both love penetration drives. Walker also has a perimeter shot; Handford hasn't hit a three all season. She hasn't even attempted one! Amber Thompson is a decent match with Achiri Ade; like Handford, she doesn't get to play with a Karla Gilbert comparable.

The other place where this might not be a clean match was one of the keys to the Lady Vols beating the Aggies earlier this season: the Red Storm are a significantly better three point shooting team at 34.3% for the season.

To discuss the game with other Lady Vols fans, check out the preview and game thread over at SB Nation's Rocky Top Talk.