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Testudo Times preview: Maryland will face similar opponent in second round

Todd Carton of SB Nation's Testudo Times has offered up a preview of Maryland's second round game against Texas, highlighting what could be an important similarity between the two teams worth watching for.

In the Brenda Frese era, Maryland has traditionally been one of the nation's best rebounding teams and this season has been no exception. Both Maryland and Texas had huge margins Sunday against over matched squads. However, they will find challenge each other on Tuesday. The Longhorns on the boards average 11.6 more rebounds than their opponents nearly the same as Maryland's 11.8 rebounding margin. "We have to come out and battle on the inside," said Alicia DeVaughn. "They're a big, huge team compared to us. We just can't fall mentally for that. We've just go to come out and play and be physical."

Ultimately, playing at home and having Alyssa Thomas should give Maryland an edge: their only two losses at the Comcast Center are to Notre Dame and UConn.

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