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Swish Appeal's 2014 WNBA community mock draft: Who should the Indiana Fever draft with the fifth pick?

After another tight contest with the fourth pick, we move on to the fifth pick.

Last season, the Indiana Fever drafted Layshia Clarendon with their first round choice.
Last season, the Indiana Fever drafted Layshia Clarendon with their first round choice.

So we had a tighter than expected vote with the fourth pick and I not only say that because of my expectations prior to the vote taking place, but also because of how it seemed to be unfolding early on: McBride had more than 50% of the vote for most of the day, Natasha Howard helped #10 Florida State to an upset of #7 Iowa State, and then all of a sudden things really started to turn around.

I guess tournament performance really does make a difference.

That means that once again I'm writing this scenario at night with no idea of who's actually left on the board. But whoever is selected fourth will be removed from the poll. What I do know is that we'll be adding Tricia Liston to the poll after ongoing conversations about her this season and a solid performance in Duke's first round win. So remember, even if the pick is an obvious one to you that doesn't require a lot of debate, definitely let us know who you'd like to add to the board for the next pick.


You are the GM of the Indiana Fever. After winning the title in 2012, your team became the poster-squad for what injuries can do to an 11-player roster. Nevertheless, you still had a MVP-caliber player in Tamika Catchings to help you through the mess and help guide you past the top-seeded Chicago Sky in the first round in dominant fashion before falling to the Atlanta Dream in the second round.

Looking ahead to this season, veterans Katie Douglas and Jessica Davenport are unrestricted free agents while Erlana Larkins is a restricted free agent. You've already secured a second first round draft pick in addition to your own by trading veteran Erin Phillips to the Phoenix Mercury in exchange for the ninth pick, which allows for some extra flexibility in terms of balancing need with taking the best player available.

And really, the need is the same as it has always been: rebounding.

Although your team had a very good offensive rebounding percentage last season, it has the third high opponents' defensive rebounding percentage, which allows a few more second chance opportunities than you might have liked - part of that was certainly due to having to play extra small due to injury, but part of that is simply needing more big and productive bodies to control the boards. Offensively, your team had the third lowest effective field goal percentage, which was actually helped by having the fourth-highest three point percentage in the league.

Now you make your draft pick looking for an opportunity to just add talent and have a few choices from which to do so.

What will it be?

Who do you pick with the fourth pick in the 2014 WNBA (mock) draft?

We are awaiting your pick in the poll below as well as your thoughts on who needs to be added to our list for future picks in the comments.

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