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Swish Appeal community WNBA mock draft: Who should the Tulsa Shock select?

Our community mock draft continues today with the Tulsa Shock on the clock for the second pick overall.

Yesterday the overwhelming majority of us selected Chiney Ogwumike first overall in Swish Appeal's 2014 WNBA mock draft. Today, we expect to have a bit more drama as we mull over who the Tulsa Shock should select with the second pick overall.

You are the (new) GM of the Tulsa Shock - after improving by two games last season, the franchise decided to relieve Gary Kloppenburg of duty in order to go in a different direction.

But despite the poor performance in the past, the team has plenty of young assets moving forward.

You've inherited two recent All-Stars in 6-foot-8 Australian center Liz Cambage and 6-foot-2 power forward Glory Johnson, giving you what should be an imposing front line for the future (when Cambage is both healthy and present). In the backcourt, you have 2013 Sixth Woman of the Year Riquna Williams and 2013 All-Rookie selection Skylar Diggins along with solid reserve point guard Angel Goodrich.

With that combination of talent, most people have assumed that you would add 6-foot-2 Maryland forward Alyssa Thomas with the second pick in the draft. But a local reporter caught wind of internal deliberations with your scouting team and reported that you might be leaning toward high-scoring Baylor guard Odyssey Sims.

Klein's report actually fits with a rumor that has been around for a while now, though he also points out the reason why people have assumed Thomas would be Tulsa's pick: they drafted a pair of guards last season, including 2013 All-Rookie selection Skylar Diggins and popular Native American player Angel Goodrich, in addition to drafting high scoring 2013 Sixth Woman of the Year Riquna Williams in 2012. Thomas, on the other hand, seems to nicely fit a need a small forward although they already have veterans Roneeka Hodges, Jennifer Lacy, and Nicole Powell to fill spots on the wing.

And, of course, Kayla McBride has been so good this season in helping Notre Dame to an undefeated record that she's hard to ignore.

Ultimately, you're not concerned with what the previous regime did or what fans and random bloggers think you should do moving forward: you want to make the best decision for your team and will select the player that can best help you win.

So now is the moment of truth: the Connecticut Sun did what everyone expected and selected Stanford's Chiney Ogwumike with the first pick overall. Now you're on the clock at Shock headquarters and blocking all that random chatter out.

Who do you pick with that second pick in the 2014 WNBA (mock) draft?

Make your selection in the poll below and tell us who you think should be added to the poll to replace your selection.

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