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Swish Appeal/Rocky Top Talk 2014 NCAA women's tournament bracket challenge

Because a predictable tournament is always more fun with a bracket challenge

Andy Lyons

The guys at Rocky Top Talk and I were talking and figured that someone, somewhere should have a bracket challenge.

I mean, that's just what you do in March, right?

So David got it all set up and we're going to "host" it here to get it to a broader audience - no prizes, just community bragging rights. The link is here (and you'll need an ESPN account to sign up):

ESPN - Women's Tournament Challenge - Group: Get in on the excitement!

I feel like there should be some way to give bonus points to anyone who dares to pick someone other than Connecticut or Notre Dame in the championship game...but there's no built-in mechanism for that, so just know that you've earned respect for doing that.

After you fill out your bracket, let us know the following in the comments:

1. What's the biggest (seeding) upset that you're picking?

2. Sleeper (any team that could outperform its seed, whether that be getting just a first round upset or getting to the Final Four as a non-one/home seed)?

3. Who's your darkhorse pick (a seed sixth or lower who could make it to the Sweet 16)?

4. What's the matchup you're most looking forward to?

Also, have fun - it's not actually a test you're being graded on.