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Dance Card: Iowa State, Big XII at-large

Get ready for a three point barrage in Ames.

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Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Who? The Cyclones of Iowa State.

What? Cyclones are a danger across the Midwest. Cy's been around since the '50s; cardinal is a bit of a pun off the color.

Where? Ames, Iowa, where uranium was purified in World War II.

When? March 22nd in Ames, Iowa.

Why? 20-win season in a major conference?

How? They were an at-large selection.

Surprise? Predicted to finish sixth in the conference, they tied with Oklahoma State for fifth and took the fifth seed on tiebreakers.

RPI: 39

SOS: 36

Record: 20-10 (9-9 Big XII)

Good wins: At Oklahoma State.

Bad losses: TCU.

Who's running this show? Bill Fennelly, since 1995, who was successful at Toledo before coming back to his native state.

Extra, Extra! The Des Moines Register.

Senior forward Hallie Christofferson leads the Cyclones in scoring with 18.6 points and is second in rebounding with 7.3. Junior point guard Nikki Moody is high-risk, high-reward, and high-usage, with 12.8 points, 5.3 assists, and 3.5 turnovers per game. Iowa State digs the long ball, with almost forty percent of their shots coming from beyond the arc.