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Dance Card: North Carolina, ACC at-large

Youthful triumphs have defined the season.

Ellen Ozier-USA TODAY Sports

Who? The Tar Heels of North Carolina.

What? By the most literal definition, a person with tar on their heels. There are two stories behind the name, one more pejorative than the other. Rameses is not related to the Tar Heel name at all.

Where? Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where they used to train astronauts.

When? March 23rd, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Why? I think that's the highest SOS I've ever seen from Carolina.

How? They were an at-large selection.

Surprise? Predicted to finish fourth in the conference, they ended up in sixth, six games back of Notre Dame.

RPI: 20

SOS: 17

Record: 24-9 (10-6 ACC)

Good wins: South Carolina at Myrtle Beach.

Bad losses: Virginia Tech. Really, y'all?

Who's running this show? Sylvia Hatchell, since 1986. She's been sidelined by leukemia this season, so associate head coach Andrew Calder has taken the reins for the time being.

Extra, Extra! The News and Observer.

Youth is definitely served by the Tar Heels. Superstar freshman Diamond DeShields leads the way with 18.0 points per game, while freshman forward Stephanie Mavunga adds 11.0 points and a team-high 8.4 rebounds. The top four scorers and rebounders for the Heels are either freshmen or sophomores. North Carolina has always had a propensity for playing fast and sloppy, and for making their opponents play fast and sloppy, and their negative A/TO reflects that.