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Dance Card: Fresno State, Mountain West

A little thunder from Down Under in the Valley.


Who? The Bulldogs of Fresno State.

What? Oh, this is just adorable. And this is cool too.

Where? Fresno, California, Raisin Capital of the World!

When? March 15th, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Why? They won the Mountain West conference tournament.

How? Fresno State broke open a close game in the latter stages of the first half and paced Colorado State to the end, 77-68. Bree Farley led the way with 26 points, with Taylor Thompson adding 23 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists.

Surprise? Predicted to finish first in the conference, they fell to second.

RPI: 112

SOS 160

Record: 22-10 (14-5 Mountain West)

Good wins: I guess Colorado State?

Bad losses: I have a friend who will kill me for saying this, but San Francisco.

Who's running this show? Raegan Pebley, since 2012, whose father coached in the WBL (yes, the profile says ABL, trust me, it's WBL).

Extra, Extra! The Fresno Bee.

Senior point guard Taylor Thompson leads the Bulldogs with 14.0 points and 4.4 assists. Fresno State likes to shoot it from deep, with almost two hundred more attempts on the season than their opponents. Their percentage isn't spectacular, though. Sophomore center Jacinta Vandenberg is the leading rebounder, with 6.7 per game.

Four Aussies. Your intrepid blogger approves.