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Dance Card: North Dakota, Big Sky

Everyone, sing along! "I went to the Dance with a team with no name..."

Who? The Very Good Question of North Dakota.

What? They used to be the Fighting Sioux, but that was a Very Bad Idea. Then they tried to change the name, but people got up in arms about it. Then the NCAA got involved. I maintain they should be the North Dakota Anonymous, but no one ever listens to me.

Where? Grand Forks, North Dakota.

When? March 15th, in Grand Forks.

Why? They won the Big Sky conference tournament.

How? Montana's Torry Hill had the game-high 21, but none of her teammates could muster more than seven points. Madi Buck's 14 led four North Dakota players in double figures as North Dakota won 72-55.

Surprise? Predicted to finish eighth in the conference, they moved all the way into second.

RPI: 96

SOS: 188

Record: 22-9 (15-5 Big Sky)

Good wins: Well, that South Dakota win's looking a lot better now, with the 'yotes in the tournament.

Bad losses: Swept by Montana State, no bueno.

Who's in charge around here? Travis Brewster, since 2012. He played in Switzerland for three years.

Extra, Extra! The Grand Forks Herald.

Senior forward Madi Buck leads North Dakota with 15.9 points per game. Sophomore Mia Loyd adds 13.9 points and a team high 9.2 rebounds. Turning the ball over more than your opponents do is generally not the recipe for a happy ending, though.

Random observation that may only amuse me: three games in the state of Iowa. I do not understand the deep spiritual connection between North Dakota and Iowa, but whatever floats their boat.