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The NCAAW of the Day: #4 Louisville plays at #1 Connecticut

Two of the top teams in the US and the AAC will play each other right now on ESPN and

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Our SB Nation Louisville blog, Card Chronicle has an open thread up which you are welcome to come to.  The UConn Blog, our Huskies SB Nation blog, also has a thread which you are welcome to go to.

Louisiville is 23-1 this season, with only one loss back on December 1 at Kentucky.  Connecticut is undefeated at 24-0.

But here's some food for thought for those of you who plan on watching today's game.  I have some open questions for you all since I watch college games wondering which players could be good fits, in particular for the Washington Mystics.  But this can apply for any team really.

Connecticut has some seniors who figure to make a WNBA team this year as first round draft picks like Stefanie Dolson and Bria Hartley.  Then for Louisiville, Shoni Schmimel is the team's leading scorer, could be a first round pick this spring, and could be a good rotation player on a WNBA team as well.  Which teams, (they can be any team) do you think they would be the best fits on?  Feel free to give your thoughts below on those questions!