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How would you like us to continue a daily feature on Swish Appeal?

A question for you all.

Ezra Shaw

I hated Sparks Watch. But I loved it.

First, it's easy to see why I hated Sparks Watch.  A big market franchise...  A marquee franchise, could have folded.  Counting day after day as we waited for something to happen was frustrating.

At the same time, I loved Sparks Watch because it gave us a way to make sure that we were thinking about the team while the days were being counted.  Most other folks in the old media didn't really write much on it besides the initial news, maybe something on the Golden State Warriors, and now that Magic saved the team.  I still have some thoughts on additional winners and losers, but I'm still gathering that up and I've had a ton of stuff to work on this past week.

Anyway, we are thinking about evolving Sparks Watch into something else where we have a daily feature here, but that it covers the entire WNBA.  Maybe it could be historical stuff, a link to some videos, but something cool about the league.

So here would be an example.

Below is an embed of a YouTube video between Mike Sola of KVCR-TV based in the Los Angeles area and Indiana Fever guard Layshia Clarendon on "Streaming with Sola" which shows the interviewer interviewing guests virtually.  It was uploaded last November and the actual interview sounds like it could have been from even before then, but I didn't see this until just recently.  Still, check it out:

Cool stuff.  If you're wondering why a station in San Bernardino is interviewing a player who is most famous for being a Cal alumna, that's because Clarendon's from San Bernardino if you didn't know.

So in conclusion, what kind of a feature would you like to see daily? Post your thoughts in the comments below!