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Cayla McMorris Blog: PC vs. Cenntenial

Wisconsin signee Cayla McMorris discusses a big win for Park Center in her latest blog for Swish Appeal.

Jan. 24th:

Going into this game I felt like I was walking onto a battle field with my soldiers (my teammates). We were like sharks in a tank exposed to blood and we were hungry.

I could only remember our second game of the 2013-2014 season against Cenntenial and losing to them for the third time in a row. I couldn't finish my senior year without beating Cenntenial for the last time I would ever play against them in my high school career.

I've been playing against most of them since 6th grade traveling and it's always been a big deal every time we played each other. Surprised to say we had a decent crowd that night which got us even more pumped up for the game. For about a week the game was all over the StarTribune newspaper for "the game of the week" and a lot of Minnesota writers were talking about this being a good game. Seeing all this stuff in the paper and people talking about "if Park Center were to win", how big of a deal it would be, kind of put a lot of pressure on me. I knew what this win would mean for my school because both teams were competing for conference champions. Park Center hasn't won a conference championship since 1979 and to be able to win one my senior year would mean a lot.

Butterflies filled my stomach as we began tip off and as the ball was released I knew it was time to go to work. The first play of the game I was left open and hit a three. From there on I felt unstoppable and my mindset throughout the whole game never changed. I knew what the game meant to my team and I, and I knew in order to win this game I had to step up and lead my team. It was like something overcame us and we all had this fire in our bellies. It showed that night and we upset the number three ranked team in 4A.

We led most of the game and all the players on my team contributed and did their part. We all knew what we had to do in order to win and took care of the job. Winning this game was an amazing feeling and put us at the top in the conference, but we know in order to keep the top spot we have to take it one game at a time. Conference play isn't over with and we still have to play each team again.