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Atlanta Dream CEO name disappears from staff directory - Preisinger out?

Dream Chief Executive Officer Ashley Preisinger's name no longer appears in the Atlanta Dream staff directory.

It appears that a change might soon be forthcoming at the Atlanta Dream front office.  In September 2012, that change was prefaced by the name of Peter Canalichio disappearing from the Atlanta Dream staff directory.  Four days later, Ashley Preisinger was named the Chief Executive Officer of the Atlanta Dream.

But if you look at the Atlanta Dream staff directory, guess whose name is missing?  You got it.  Ashley Preisinger's. 

Ginger Sanford, the Assistant to the CEO, is still listed but the line under the Business Operations section reserved for the Chief Executive Officer has now gone missing.  If this is a replay of September 2012, it begs the question of whether Presinger left voluntarily or was asked to leave.

But note:  we're speculating.  We don't know what has happened until we receive word from the Dream Front Office. Previously, that took four days.  Are there more changes to be announced in Atlanta?