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WNBA collective bargaining agreement waits for final signatures

According to Tamika Catchings, the new collective bargaining agreement is "a done deal". But no one has signed anything yet.


Sue Favor over at They're Playing Basketball reports about the progress/holdup regarding the WNBA collective bargaining agreement.  I'll send you over there to read the full article, but here are some choice quotes:

Once the agreement is signed, teams can acquire players and make trades. This is particularly significant due to one of the key points of the new agreement: teams will be allowed to have 12 players on a roster, instead of 11.

The new CBA also designates salary cap changes in that 2013 figures are maintained. The salary guarantee will be $869,000, with a maximum of $913,000. The guarantee and salary cap will increase by two percent each year under the six-year agreement. Maximum annual increases in individual multi-year deals will increase correspondingly by two percent.

The third main change in the new CBA is around revenue sharing. Under the new agreement, if regular season average team ticket revenue exceeds a target amount or threshold, players will receive a percentage of the amount over the target.

I'm sure there's more than one women's basketball fan who will be going through the CBA with a fine toothed comb, in addition to all of the agents and lawyers who are waiting.  Go to the link above to find out more.