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WNBA's Phoenix Mercury, NBA's Suns release statement on controversial Arizona SB 1062

The Phoenix Mercury have tweeted out a statement denouncing Arizona's controversial Senate Bill 1062, joining the Arizona Cardinals and the NFL in opposition to the bill.

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The Phoenix Mercury and NBA's Phoenix Suns have joined a growing group of voices in opposition to Arizona Senate Bill 1062, which, according to CNN, "would amend the existing Religious Freedom Restoration Act, allowing business owners to deny service to gay and lesbian customers so long as proprietors were acting solely on their religious beliefs."

Laurie Merrill and Peter Corbett of the Arizona Republic report that among the concerns - beyond the civil rights debates inherent to such a bill - is that Glendale could lose the right to host the 2015 Super Bowl if Governor Jan Brewer signs the bill into law before the Friday deadline.

The NFL's Arizona Cardinals previously released a statement as well denouncing the bill in addition to the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee. The Mercury's series of tweets is below: