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Bri Kulas a player worth watching in Missouri's meeting with Tennessee

Chris Pendley of SB Nation's Rocky Top Talk has previewed Tennessee's game today and has identified Missouri's 6-foot-1 senior forward Bri Kulas as a focal point.

This year's Missouri squad isn't much different than last year's. The good news - such as it is - is that Bri Kulas is the only other player worth noticing. Of course, she's 6'1", shoots 42% from deep, and gets 1.15 points per weighted shot...She's going to likely spot up at the 4, which puts her up against Isabelle Harrison at the top of the key - or, even better, Bashaara Graves down low. Make her work on defense and she'll likely need a few possessions off on the other side of the court.

We haven't yet discussed Kulas much on this site, but she's certainly on WNBA draft radars and a player worth keeping an eye on if you're not already familiar with her game. You can see her statistics for the season at WBB State. The game is on ESPN3 at 2 p.m. EST.

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