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Video: Odyssey Sims breaks Baylor's single-season three point record in win over Iowa State

Highlights from the Baylor Lady Bears' 89-51 win over the Iowa State Cyclones last night (via Baylor Athletics).

Baylor's 89-51 win over Iowa State last night was yet another example of what happens when teams don't double or triple cover Odyssey Sims.

Free to comfortably pick and choose her spots, Sims had 24 points on 9-for-13 shooting, 9 assists to just 1 turnover (which was arguably her teammate's fault), and 4 steals. Already Baylor's career three point field goal leader, Sims also set a new record for threes in a season by making six of eight against the Cyclones.

Mulkey was left impressed by one of those threes in particular, mentioning it both during the halftime interview and elaborating to media after the game, as reported by Jason Orts of the Waco Tribune.

"Odyssey, she took a cross-court fast-break pass and shot it like a guy," Mulkey said. "She looked LeBron (James) out there, stopping and popping. You just don't see girls do that. Y'all know what I'm talking about. She catches it on the move, she doesn't dribble, she just (shoots it), flip of the wrist. And I turned around and I said, ‘There's just not many girls that can do that.'"

That play came with 4:16 left in the first half, and Sims turned around on the defensive end, picked off a pass and took it down for a layup 13 seconds later. That capped a 17-4 run that took Baylor from a 16-13 lead to a comfortable 33-17 margin, and the game was never in doubt after that.

Statistics aside, Sims should also be commended for what she did defensively: Sims picked up opposing point guards full court, which contributed both to the Cyclones' 19 turnovers and their inability to run their offense to find open three point looks.

It was an impressively efficient all-around night from a player who people has developed a reputation as a volume scorer this season.

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