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AP, ESPN: "WNBA, players union agree to CBA"

It's an agreement in principle, with details later. The roster size will expand to 12 players.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

It's an extremely short article.  You can read it at the link, but I'll quote the most important part of it.

The WNBA and the players union agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement Saturday.

The new deal increases the maximum roster size one spot to 12.

It appears to be an agreement in principle, with the full agreement left to be drafted.  But all that's required is that both groups sign on it.  We should have a signed document in a couple of weeks, and then free agency and trading is wide open.

UPDATE, 2 PM ET: ESPN now confirms the initial report.

From the article:

Owners will now be able to increase fines and penalties associated with overseas play when players can't fulfill WNBA obligations.

-Smaller increases in the salary cap.

-Improved revenue sharing program for the players