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Video: Highlights from Baylor's 81-64 win over Oklahoma State

Highlights from the Baylor Lady Bears' 81-64 win over Oklahoma State Cowgirls in Waco, including a dominant 33-point performance from star Odyssey Sims (via BaylorAthletics).

Odyssey Sims scored 33 points 14-for-19 shooting - and 3-for-4 shooting from the 3-point line - in Baylor's win over Oklahoma State yesterday.

People often point out how inefficient Sims has been this season, but most teams have directed the entirety of their defensive attention at her; Oklahoma State played her relatively honest, providing Sims with the opportunity to show just how dominant she can be when a team throws single coverage - or a normal zone defense - at her. Tim Ahrens of the Daily O'Collegian reported why Oklahoma State made that decision.

"I've said since early in the season that Odyssey Sims is the best player in the country, and she showed that tonight," OSU coach Jim Littell said. "She missed some shots at our place. Then (Makenzie) Robertson killed us up there.

"We decided - we're not going to let someone else kill us, and then you don't help (against Sims) as much. She's too difficult to guard. It's a sort of a pick your poison sometimes."

Even when she wasn't scoring, Sims still demanded so much attention that she was able to set teammates up for easy scoring opportunities or create situations where Cowgirls defenders weren't in position to keep Lady Bears players off the offensive boards.

Although it wasn't the most points that Sims has scored this season, it might have been her best overall performance of the season given just one turnover and one foul: according to WBB State, yesterday's performance was Sims' best of the season in terms of efficiency per possession. Whether it was best game of the season is debatable, but she looked about as unstoppable as she has ever been in yesterday's game.

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