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Most popular women's basketball YouTube videos: the 2014 edition

The year 2014 is almost over, and we take a look at the most popular videos posted on YouTube in 2014 that involve women's basketball.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Every day, I like to head to YouTube and see what they have under the category of women's basketball.  It's a good way to keep up with game action, and you don't know what you'll find on any given day.

I decided to review the most popular women's basketball videos posted on YouTube for the year 2014.  Granted, 2014 isn't over yet, so videos posted later in the year are at a disadvantage. 

What counts as a women's basketball video?  Obviously, women's basketball has to hold a paramount place in what the video covers. There were some other videos that had the view counts that might have made the final cut, but since those videos also featured the men's teams, there was no way of determining what drove the view count - men's basketball fans or women's basketball fans.  So those videos, sadly, were excluded.

So get a cup of cocoa, sit back, and enjoy.

10.  UNC Women's Basketball:  Longtime Teammates Allisha Gray @ Diamond DeShields (about 8500 views)

It looks like Allisha Gray and Diamond DeShields, former teammates at North Carolina, had been teammates since the 7th grade.  I wonder how Gray feels about the duo breaking up.

9.  UNC Women's Basketball:  An Elite Athlete - Diamond DeShields (about 9000 views)

North Carolina knew how great an athlete Diamond DeShields was.  DeShields gives some of her own background growing up as an athlete.

8.  Women's Basketball:  01/26/14 Highlights vs. Memphis  (about 9200 views)

Shoni Schimmel had 29 points in a Louisville victory over Memphis at the beginning of the year, setting a Louisville record with nine 3-pointers.  Now Schimmel is playing for the Atlanta Dream, and Louisville is an Atlantic Coast Conference team.

7.  Game Recap:  USA vs. Canada (about 10,000 views)

The USA women play the Canada women in an exhibition tune-up game before the 2014 FIBA Women's Championship. 

6.  UConn Women's Basketball National Championship Run (about 12,000 views)

Connecticut finished with another perfect season, this time 40-0.  It's a highlight video from UConn.

5.  AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series:  Post Player Skill Development (about 12,100 views)

Sherri Coale, head coach at Oklahoma, gives an example of a post player individual skill teaching session.  It's very interesting watching how skills in specific situations are taught.

4.  UConn Women's Basketball Completes Season of Perfection (about 15,700 views)

Connecticut fans must love their Huskies, because this is the second of two highlight videos.

3.  Notre Dame Women's Basket Team Wear I Can't Breathe T-Shirts During Pre-Game Warmup (about 21,800 views, and rising)

Check the viewcount on this one.  It was posted December 20th, 2014.  When I first saw it, it was about 13,800 views and at #4, today it is 21,750 views and at #3.  This is from "The AdviseShow TV" which has an interesting theory : the reason certain people are so mad about this issue is because it is that white players are wearing the "I Can't Breathe" T-shirt.

2.  Shanel Harrison's sucker punch of Nina Laakso (about 42,200 views)

The Finnish women's league teams ToPo and Honka meet on March 8, 2014.  Shanel Harrison of Honka either trips, falls or is pushed at the Honka offensive side of the court in about five seconds in.  At the end of the possession, Harrison runs to the other end of the court, trailed closely by ToPo player Niina Laaksonen.  At about sixteen seconds in, quite unexpectedly, Harrison turns and flattens Laaksonen, who literally runs into Harrison's sucker punch. 

Harrison was suspended by the league after the altercation.  According to, Harrison and Laaksonen had been hacking at each other all game.  Honka didn't wait for a league ruling and terminated Harrison's contract.

1.  Tulsa Women's Basketball:  Individual Drills (over 120,000 views)

It's exactly what it says on the tin - a set of individual drills from Tulsa women's basketball players.  It's very basic stuff on dribbling, wall tosses, and ball control.  (Well, basic for Tulsa players, anyway - the effect is most impressive.)