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Leticia Romero granted immediate eligiblity at Florida State

In a somewhat surprising but auspicious move, the NCAA has granted Leticia Romero immediately eligibility on Christmas Eve to play at Florida State. Romero received national attention because of her fight to get released from Kansas State.

Ron Sachs Media

Christmas came a little bit early for Florida State. At 9:04 am on Christmas Eve, the Seminoles received a surprise Christmas gift from the NCAA. Their super talented transfer Leticia Romero, who transferred from Kansas State, was granted immediate eligibility by the NCAA.

Romero will be suiting up for their December 29 game against Jacksonville. Here is part of the release from

Sophomore point guard transfer Leticia Romero has been granted immediate eligibility by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and is allowed to compete for the Florida State Women’s Basketball program immediately.

Romero is eligible to play beginning in Florida State’s next game against Jacksonville on Monday, Dec. 29, at 7 p.m. The Las Palmas, Spain, native has three years of student-athlete eligibility remaining.

After attempting to transfer from Kansas State, Romero's plight garnered national attention as she was initially denied by the Wildcats' administration. But once the public outcry became too deafening, Kansas State relented and allowed her to transfer to the school of her choice.

Now she has the opportunity to play -- and most importantly be happy.