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Sue Bird's "twin sister" Summer Bird is part of State Farm's National Bureau of Assists

It's only fitting that the best point guard of all time in the WNBA is on this special team.

State Farm Insurance is well known for its "Born to Assist" marketing campaign, featuring Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul and his twin brother insurance agent, Cliff Paul who wears quirky diamond-patterned sweaters, thick rimmed glasses, and a mustache.

On Christmas Thursday, State Farm released a new commercial where Cliff Paul joins the company's elite National Bureau of Assists, or NBA. He joins four more twins of famous basketball players, one of whom is a familiar face to women's basketball fans, which one WNBA superstar announced on Twitter earlier this afternoon:

Meet Summer Bird, the twin sister of Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird, who is also known as "The Tenacinator" of the NBA. Though Summer doesn't look too thrilled in the snapshot below, let's face it. She's a busy bee, working hard to make sure her clients are serviced in a timely and effective fashion.

sue bird state farm 2

Pretty cool that two of the best point guards in the WNBA and the NBA both have twins who are some of the best insurance agents around!

Anyway, Sue -- or Summer -- is joined by Sebastian Curry, twin brother of Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry. He's also known as the professor of this exclusive group. Interesting that CP3 has a teammate from an ARCH RIVAL team ... but okay.

curry state farm

Now, meet Darius Lillard, the twin brother of Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard, a/k/a "the Clutchman." He's REALLY EXCITED TO BE HANDLING BOAT INSURANCE CLAIMS!

lillard state farm

Finally meet Naismith Hall of Famer John Stockton's twin brother, Don Stockton, the Chief Assist Officer at the NBA. He looks more like a Secret Service Agent than an insurance one. Still, it's just plain awesomeness.

After having a chance to be on an All-Star NBA team like this, Cliff's starstruck.

cliff paul

We'd be too!

You can watch the whole commercial above as Cliff meets Summer and his new NBA teammates. This is an unexpected, but a really cool Christmas gift for all women's basketball fans.