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New York Gossip: Dolan to sell Liberty's Richard Johnson reports at the gossip website that James Dolan and Madison Square Garden executives wish to sell the New York Liberty.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports, a website linked to by the New York Post and names after the Post's legendary gossip page, reports that James Dolan wishes to sell the New York Liberty.

There's not much to this blurb.  F From the link

"They are looking to either move the team or sell the team," a source told me. "They don’t make any money on the Liberty."

The WNBA team’s schedule of 18 home games, and possible playoffs, takes dates in the summer that could be used for more lucrative events, especially concerts.

Before WNBA fans begin screaming in the streets, let's look at the pluses and minuses:

Plus:  This isn't in the Sports Section of the Post.
Minus:  Page Six of the Post might be the most legendary part of the post, right next to "Headless Body in Topless Bar".

Plus:  The WNBA schedule is already out, and the Liberty are in it.  It would be very hard for the Liberty to back out now.  They didn't release the 2014 season until February, after all teams were confirmed.
Minus: This wouldn't be the first time that the league was caught flatfooted by a hesitant owner.

Plus: It's only a blurb.
Minus: It has Richard Johnson's name on it, and Johnson has been a legendary gossip reporter for decades.  If there's anyone who could know what MSG executives are thinking, it's him.

Minus:  It could be right.
Plus: It could be utter horse hockey.

Plus: Where would he sell or move it to?
Minus: "Please welcome your Golden State Liberty!"

Minus: Dolan could really mean it.
Plus: Dolan could have let it get out for other means.  Maybe to troll around and see if there's someone who wants his team bad enough to pay nice money for it.  Maybe he wants to improve his bargaining position with the WNBA regarding some point that we don't know about.

Does any of this signify for anything?  Hey, your guess is as good as mine.  But the blurb does serve the purpose that Page Six intended - it gets some buzz started.  Maybe buzz in WNBA circles, if no where else.