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Hiram Terriers talk about their season opener vs. Mount St. Joseph

Learn about the Hiram Terriers' story and how they were able to move up a season opener against Mount St. Joseph on November 2.

Mount St. Joseph Lions freshman Lauren Hill scored 4 points in their 66-55 win over the Hiram Terriers in front of a sold-out crowd at the Cintas Center in Cincinnati. But one of the stories which wasn't talked about nearly as much was on Hiram.

Steve Hartman of CBS News had the opportunity to speak with the Terriers' players and their head coach, Emily Hays. In a video feature (which is embedded above), the Terriers noted that they forfeited homeport advantage so Hill could have a chance to play in front of her home crowd, since Mount St. Joseph is located in Cincinnati. Hiram is about 40 miles east of Cleveland.

The Mount St. Joseph team also invited Hiram to a dinner the day before the game when both teams befriended each other.

In today's age of college sports, competition is important, and we always want our favorite team to win. But this game meant more than just that. A terminally ill player was given the chance to play college basketball, and it's unclear how much longer she can play.

This game also involved another college team being accommodating enough to make this happen. For that we should definitely give the Hiram Terriers kudos for their generosity.