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Skylar Diggins talks fashion, her looks, and her nerdiest moment

The Tulsa Shock star gave an interview to Yahoo on her style and other topics. I found that she used a skill that all students could use before taking tests.

Photo courtesy of Joe Buettner

Earlier this week, Tulsa Shock guard Skylar Diggins gave an interview to Yahoo! Beauty's Annie Tomlin. They discussed a number of topics, mostly about her fashion, but also on her workouts and even her future.

One of the questions asked focused on the attention Diggins gets because of her looks, which often overshadows her game, when she won the 2014 WNBA Most Improved Player Award. I even talked about it before her rookie season in 2013. Diggins acknowledged it but took things a bit further in a good way. Her entire answer to that question is below:

You know what? I can take a compliment. But I’m not just a pretty face, and I don’t feel like I have to prove that—the numbers show that already. I really don’t understand the fascination of speaking about my beauty, but I am flattered. I just handle every situation as it comes my way and try to remain Skylar. Do I wish people would write articles about my game? Yeah. But I’m visible and relatable and I don’t post things [online] just about basketball. Those articles come from all of that stuff.

Diggins was also asked about where she expected her career to be when she is 30:

As far as basketball goes, God willing, I hope my body holds up for six more years. ... [But] then there’s the business world: marketing and branding and using my business degree from Notre Dame.

Given how hard she has worked during the last couple offseasons, including this one, Diggins gave a modest answer. I think she'll be a great player in this league for a long time.

But there was something in the interview that was pretty cool, and good advice for someone who is preparing for a standardized test. The SAT just happens to be on this Saturday, November 8 for high school students looking to get a high score, and get into their first choice college next fall.

The last question in the interview was about Diggins describing herself as nerdy. She describes what her nerdiest thing was:

But I did look up the vocabulary word of the day on Merriam-Webster. When I used to study for the SATs, I would try to expand my vocabulary and add a new word every day.

I remember studying for the SAT's when I was in high school back from 1998 to 2002. The verbal section (which has since evolved to the current-day critical reading section), was often times a word bank. I studied for it by cramming hard words, and forgot what they all meant right after test day.

I know this piece of advice may not help students who are taking the SAT in November (THE TEST IS THIS SATURDAY FOR GOD'S SAKE!) and haven't studied enough for it yet. But this is the takeaway I got from reading her answer to this question.

Don't cram for tests like I did and stress yourself out in the process. Do what Skylar Diggins did and develop your skills gradually. Not only could you do well on any test, but you also could use that additional knowledge over the long run.