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Spanish League Round Six: The storm before the calm

It's the last round of games before the league goes to one game a week, so for 13 teams things will get a lot calmer.

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We have hit Round Six in the Spanish league which marks a transition.  Play shifts from two times a week to once a week, so the next games in the Spanish league won't take place until next week. 

This break was designed so Spanish teams that were participating in Euroleague and Eurocup could have the time to participate.  However, there is only one team (Perfumerias) playing in Euroleague and no Spanish team playing in Eurocup.  So for virtually the entire league - and the American players - they'll only have to play one game a week for a while.

Conquero 69, Gran Canaria 61

How do you win a game where you shoot 37 percent?  One way is to let your opponent shoot 31 percent.  In this case, it was visiting Gran Canaria (2-4) who couldn't find the basket as Conquero (5-1) kept its hold on one of the top spots in the Liga Femenina with its fifth straight win.  Gran Canaria was pretty much behind the entire game, but it wasn't by much.

Conquero player Aja Parham apparently had to have an MRI recently.

She had suffered a shoulder injury in the game against Gernika but did not suffer any major damage to the joint.  She's on rest and it should take no longer than four weeks for her to start playing again.  The other two players of the "Black Power" trio, Chelsea Davis and Adaora Elonu, combined for 31 points in the win.  Lucila Pascua scored 12 points and 13 rebounds in the win.

Robyn Parks had 15 points and six rebounds for Gran Canaria.  Parks, Yurina Diaz and Vega Gimeno combined for 45 points in the loss.  Akila McDonald only had 3 points (but 7 rebounds) in 15 minutes of play.  On the other hand, she had complained on Twitter on taking an elbow to the eye in her previous game against Perfumerias - and had trouble opening it just a couple of days ago, so she could still be shaking that off.

Cadi La Seu 61, Zamora 57

Cadi La Seu (4-2) managed to come back in the fourth quarter at home against Zamora (2-4).  Down 50-48 going into the fourth, they held Zamora to just seven points to squeak by with a 61-57 win.

Part of Zamora's problems?  Hanging on to the ball!  They had 29 turnovers in the game, and the stats were ugly.  Maria Delgado had seven turnovers and Daria Mielosynska-Zwolak had six.  The game was tied 55-55 with two minutes left but Delgado had a knee injury and had to leave the game with one minute left.  Laura Gil scored four points late in the game to seal the win for Cadi La Seu.

Ana Maria Suarez led the winners with 14 points and 5 steals.  Marlou De Kleijn added 10 points. Tyrese Tanner continues to play limited minutes with Cadi La Seu, playing almost nine minutes without a single point.  Ali Schwagmeyer must be getting acclimated, as she only played for 15 seconds and had a trillion in the box score.

Caroline Durbin and Sofia Carolina Gomez had 10 points each for Zamora.  Sandra Pirsic had 8 points and 9 rebounds in the loss.

Ferrol 81, Mann Filter 65

Ferrol (3-3) moved itself just a little bit up in the league table at the expense of Mann Filter (3-3) as they shot 50 percent for the day on the way to a home victory.

Haley Peters scored 22 points for Ferrol on 10-for-19 shooting but it was Denesha Stallworth who had an amazing 20 point/9 rebound performance on 7-for-9 shooting.  Cristina Pedrals would add 13 points and 6 assists and Mireia Vila would score 14 points.

Samarie Walker played 26 minutes for Mann Filter, but it wasn't the kind of game she'd want to remember - 5 points on 2-for-7 shooting.  Kristina Vitola (20 points/10 reb) and Laura Herrera (16 points/10 reb) kept Mann Filter in the game.  However, Mann Filter had 22 turnovers to just 11 from Ferrol.
Despite the loss, Walker had a chance to reunite with her fellow Kentucky alumna.

Perfumerias 64, Bembibre 42

Perfumieras (5-1) continues its march towards a league championship with its fifth straight win, a decisive home victory against Bembibre (3-3).

Bembibre had a miserable game.  Only 28 percent shooting.  Nineten turnovers.  In the first quarter they were outscored 13-8.  In the second quarter they were outscored **28-3**.  When you're down 41-11 at halftime, it's going to be a very long day.

The only player to score in double digits for Bembibre was Anna Gomez with 12 points.  Ariel Edwards, starting for Bembibre, had 6 points and 6 rebounds in 24 minutes of play.

For the winners, it was Angel Robinson with 12 points/12 reobunds and Shay Muprhy with 16 points/6 rebounds.  Vanessa Ble only had two points, but an amazing 17 rebounds with eight offensive rebounds.  Bemibre was outrebounded 52-30, meaning that Ble alone had more rebounds than any two Bembibre players combined.

Al-Qazeres 65, Gipuzkoa UPV 51

In a match between two recently promoted teams, Al-Qazares (2-4) manages to get its second win of the year at home against Gipuzkoa (1-5).

It was a case of another team being held to a ridiculously low shooting percentage, in this case Gipuzkoa UPV shooting just 30 percent.  Al-Qazeres didn't do much better with 38 percent.  Down 40-21 at halftime, Gipuzkoa UPV held Al-Qazeres to just nine third-quarter to close to 49-41 at the end of three quarters, but Gipuzkoa UPV's run came to an end in the fourth.

Lady Comfort led Al-Qazeres with 18 points and 15 rebounds.  Andrea Vilara scores 12 points and 5 rebounds, and Callan Taylor added 12 points/10 rebounds to be the second Al-Qazeres player with a double-double.  All in all, Al-Qazeres outrebounded Gipuzkoa UPV 50-35.  Afure Jemerigbe only had 5 points on 1-for-8 shooting.

Gipuzkoa UPV had three players in double figures but not much help elsewhere.  Jeanise Randolph only scored two points in 5 minutes.

Gernika 68, Campus Promete 51

Campus Promete (0-6) remains winless for the year, falling at home at the hands of Gernika (5-1). 

Promete actually kept this close for much of the game until the fourth quarter, which they lost 23-10.  Campus Promete only shot 34 percent for the game. 

Bernice Mosby had another killer game with 24 points/10 rebounds and going 4-for-5 behind the arc.  Rachael Vanderwal had 16 points on 5-for-5 shooting and Britany Miller scored 7 points.

For Campus Promete, LaNedra Brown led all scorers with 17 points and Leslie Knight had 10 points and 5 rebounds. 

Uni Girona 73, Rivas Ecopolis 70

Uni Girona (6-0) came close to suffering its first loss at the hands of last year's champions, but Rivas Ecopolis (1-5) fell short of finding a big way of turning around their season and losing to Girona only by a possession.

It was an ugly start for Rivas, and after a 23-9 first quarter by Uni Girona, it looked like Rivas was on its way to another disappointment.  Ife Ibekwe had a big first quarter and Rivas is height-challenged.  But Rivas pulled back to 37-28 by halftime and began to close the gap.  Angela Salvatores had a chance to tie the game but failed, and Aleksandra Vujovic took the final three-pointer for Rivas to try to send it into overtime but the ball clanked off the rim.

Ife Ibekwe had 22 points and 14 rebounds on 8-for-15 shooting.  Brittany Chambers had 21 points, but coach Jose Ignacio Hernandez concentrated on shutting down anyone not named Ibekwe or Chambers.  Angela Salvadores had 26 points for Rivas and Lyndra Weaver has 10 points and 9 rebounds.  Unfortunately outside of Lyndra Weaver the rest of Rivas only had 13 rebounds.

Round 7 (November 7-9th)

Perfumerias (5-1) at Mann Filter (3-3)
Ferrol (3-3) at Gipuzkoa UPV (1-5)
Al-Qazeres (2-4) at Zamora (2-4)
Cadi La Seu (4-2) at Rivas Ecopolis (1-5)
Uni Girona (6-0) at Gernika (5-1)
Bembibre (3-3) at Gran Canaria (2-4)
Campus Promete (0-6) at Conquero (5-1)