Sexism has a lot to do with WNBA criticism

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Tell me how many times you've seen a sexist WNBA joke while browsing the Internet for WNBA content. Probably dozens. There are the autocorrect jokes. The WNBA 2k14 jokes. The layup contest jokes.

The so-called comedians conjuring up these jokes say they aren't being sexist. That they have a right to do so. They do. There's no law against it. But yes, they're being sexist. When you make a joke about a woman having to leave a basketball game because she needs to tend to her casserole, it is, in fact, sexism. When you say women can only make layups it is sexism. I bet you most of the people saying this haven't even given the WNBA a chance. When people say WNBA players look like men it's sexism. What if I said LeBron James is the spitting image of a woman? They would call me insane. When people say their autocorrect changes "WNBA" to "failure" that's sexism, and also not true. The WNBA is certainly not a failure. It has a diverse fanbase, ESPN coverage, as well as many other news companies. How many sports leagues have come so far in eighteen years? Here's a hint: Not many.

Then, there's pop culture.

I remember a Saturday Night Live skit from a couple years ago. It started with saying they thought the first openly gay player in sports would be a WNBA player. They said, "Those guys already look like women!". The female character then preceded to say that they were women, and asked him what he thought the W stood for. His response was "I don't know, worse?". I was outraged. What made me even more angry were all the laughs in the audience. First, they had insulted 120 talented, hardworking women. Then preceded to say they couldn't play as well as men, just to add more offense. I couldn't believe my ears.

Then, there's the media.

A lot of you probably remember Stacey Pressman of ESPN's rant about the WNBA a while back. I certainly do. I don't care if she doesn't like it, but I couldn't get past some parts. First, she said there were things women weren't good at, which included basketball. You may not like the way they play, but they're certainly good at it. Then, the inaccurate ending."WNBA. Will. Not. Be. Accepted." Um, Stace, hate to tell you this, but it's been accepted for a long time.

So there you have it. Random ignoramuses on the internet aren't the only ones who can be sexist. Pop culture and even the media are huge contributors.