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Swish Appeal writer to provide content for Atlanta Dream

I will be writing for the Atlanta Dream on their web site. But I will not be going anywhere.

Writing about women's basketball for the last seven years have been very interesting, but this challenge beats them all - writing about myself. I have recently accepted a position with the Atlanta Dream to provide web content for them.

From the official release:

"One of our many priorities is to post more written and video content on our digital platforms," said Dream President and General Manager Angela Taylor. "There are so many dynamic stories about the league, our organization, staff, players and coaches that need to be told, so we look forward to engaging our fanbase via James’ features. Over the years, James has been committed to informing the public about women’s basketball and has demonstrated an ability to share these stories in a very creative manner, so there was no doubt that he was the right person to take on this opportunity."

Bowman has covered the Dream since the team’s first season in 2008, and formerly wrote for his blog Pleasant Dreams. Currently, he also writes for Swish Appeal, the women’s basketball site under the SB Nation family of sports web sites. In addition to the Dream, he has also covered the Georgia Tech women’s basketball team for Swish Appeal.

Obviously, I'm quite flattered. However, for readers this begs the question of a possible conflict of interest. I do want any readers to know that I've not moved on from Swish Appeal. As for objectivity, I've tried to combine the openness of writing from a fan's perspective (from my previous work at Pleasant Dreams, my old blog) with the understanding that a person can write as a fan and at the same time strive to be as objective as possible.

Going forward, I will add a disclaimer to my Swish Appeal profile and future articles about the WNBA that I am a writer for the Dream organization. I look forward to writing for both the Atlanta Dream and for Swish Appeal.