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Video: Niagara women's basketball team was stranded for 24 hours after loss to Pitt

Great to see that they're all safe.

Earlier this week, the Niagara women's basketball team played Pittsburgh where they lost 70-54 and are now 0-2 for the season.

On the way back, their trip was not smooth, to say the least, when a major lake effect snow storm fell in western New York. Several feet of snow fell, as in over four feet.

As a result, the team was stranded on I-90 Tuesday morning for over 24 hours from Tuesday to Wednesday when they were finally rescued by state police. Niagara head coach Kendra Faustin gave a video interview to ESPN which is embedded above.The interview was actually given while they were stranded. And you can also view a Twitter Timeline here from and from a FanShot that Bull Run's Matt Gritzmacher posted.

I have definitely seen my fair share of snowstorms living near the nation's capital, including the Snowpacalypse and Snowmageddon storms that fell in the Winter of 2009-2010. But none of those storms dumped four or five feet, and I've never been stranded. Glad to see that everyone was safe, and this was definitely a team-bonding exercise given that they literally spent an entire day on the bus.