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Spanish League Round 8: Perfumerias reasserts itself

Perfumerias Avenida won their Round 8 game by 62 points to move back up to the top of the standings, and goes on hiatus.

Christian Petersen

Rather than focus on Spain for this roundup of Spanish League scores and standings, I'd like to take the time to pay tribute to Janis Kacens.

Janis Kacens, hailing from Latvia, is the operator of  If you had any sort of interest at all in overseas women's basketball, was one of the very first sites you visited.  There were detailed write ups of games, links to box scores and standings posted from several of the European domestic leagues, but Kacens kept a careful watch on player movement as well.  If you wanted to know where your favorite WNBA player was going to play in the off-season, you were more likely to learn where from than from any of the WNBA sites.

Two days ago, Kacens announced that the site was going on hiatus - working on the site and keeping up with everything has caused a case of burnout.  Trust me, everyone understands.  His work will definitely be missed and whether he returns to women's basketball - or not - we wish him the best of fortune and hope he comes back fully recharged.

Rivas Ecopolis 64, Al-Qazeres 43

It's too early to talk about relegation, but Rivas Ecopolis (2-6) desperately needed a win to keep thoughts of a worst-case scenario out of their minds.  Taking a road trip to Al-Qazares (2-6), they got a decisive win and can keep those thoughts out of mind for another week.

The secret?  A huge first quarter where Rivas rolled over the home squad 22-5.   Al-Qazeres could never get out from behind the eight-ball after that.  Rivas  held Al-Qazeres to just 28 percent shooting and forced 19 turnovers to just seven from Rivas.

Lyndra Weaver had an 18 point/12 rebound game for Rivas, and Angela Salvadores had 18 points and 5 rebounds herself.  Gabriele Ocete has four points and seven assists to help Rivas in the win.

The box score was pretty bleak looking for the Americans on the other side of the court.  Lady Comfort had 11 rebounds but just four points on 1-for-7 shooting.  Callan Taylor had a better game with six points and six rebounds.  Marta Tudanca led Al-Qazeres with 12 points and 6 rebounds in the loss.

Gaby Ocete credited the win to Rivas's defense.  Lyndra Weaver did the same.

...and had some nice things to say about coach Jose Hernandez. which he responded....

Zamora 63, Ferrol 57

Zamora (4-4) moves up to .500 in the Liga Femenina with a road win against Ferrol (3-5).

The big difference was on the boards - Zamora outrebounded Ferrol 43-28 with 16 offensive rebounds to just seven from Ferrol.  Zamora actually had a 36-25 lead going into halftime but Ferrol staged a mini-comeback in the third quarter. 

Not a lot of information to be found out about this game.  Sofia Gomes led all Zamora scorers with 14 points/6 rebounds, and Maria Manzanares had 6 points/10 rebounds.  Sandra Pirsic had 10 points/6 rebounds and Dragana Svitlica scored in double figures as well with 12 points/6 rebounds.

Both of the Americans for Ferrol scored in double digits.  DeNesha Stallworth had 16 points and 10 rebounds to lead her team, and Haley Peters contributed 13 points/8 rebounds/5 steals.  Unfortunately, the only other player to score in double figures was Cristina Pedrals (12 points) and there wasn't much help from the Ferrol bench.

Perfumerias 89, Gipuzkoa UPV 27

No.  That score is NOT a misprint.  Perfumerias (7-1) utterly annihilated the visitors from Gipuzkoa UPV (2-6), beating them by 62 points in the biggest slaughter this season, or perhaps in several seasons, by one Liga Femenina team against another.

No WNBA team ever lost by 62 points before.  This is the kind of loss that gets coaches fired in the WNBA but is the kind of lopsided score that you have to put up sometimes in the weaker international leagues.

How bad was the whipping?  Let me count the ways.

* Gipuzkoa UPV didn't have a single quarter in double digits.  Their tallies were 4, 9, 6, and 8 respectively.
* They lost all quarters by a minimum of 10 points.
* It was 21-4 after the first quarter and 50-13 at halftime. 
* No player for Perfumerias played more than 26 minutes.
* Only one player for Perfumerias failed to score - Marta Xargay played 14 minutes, going 0-for-2.

Shay Murphy (11 points) and Angel Robinson (8 points) weren't needed much, and neither played as much as 20 minutes.  Leonor Rodriguez had 16 points and Paola Ferrari had 15 points.

Gipuzkoa UPV had 28 turnovers.  Maria Gomez Novo led her with 12 points and eight rebounds, but her 10 turnovers washed out all the good she did.  The lone American on Gipuzkoa UPV, Jeanise Randolph, wasn't much help with five points and four rebounds.

Naturally, the team was pleased with the outcome.

After the end of Sunday's games, the magnitude of the win would return Perfumerias back to its customary first place position in the league tables.

Bembibre 76, Mann Filter 61

Bembibre (5-3) gets a home win against Mann Filter (3-5) in a win which at least keeps Bembibre in the upper division of Liga Femenina.

The keys to Bembibre's win?  They were sent to the free throw line 28 times, where they hit 21 free throws, compared to the 10-for-18 at the free throw line that Mann Filter had.  The other key was coming out cold in the second half, where Mann Filter was outscored 25-13 in the third quarter.

Ariel Edwards led Bembibre with 16 points/8 rebounds but Anna Gomez came very close to a triple double with 13 points/10 rebounds/9 assists in what might have been the game performance of Round 8.

Laura Herrero led Mann Filter with 22 points.  Samarie Walker had a disappointing game for Mann Filter with just 5 points/6 rebounds in 29 minutes of play.

Cadi La Seu 65, Gernika 53

At home, Cadi La Seu (6-2) leapfrogs over Gernika (5-3) in Spanish league and into a top four spot with a back-and-forth 65-53 victory.

Down 15-10 at the end of the first quarter, Gernika held the home team to just eight second-quarter points to lead 27-23 at halftime.  But Gernika's luck gave out in the third quarter as they gave up 29 points to Cadi La Seu.
Gernika also gave up the ball 26 times in the game, a number that matched their total rebounds.

Marlou de Kleijn scored 16 points to lead Cadi La Seu.  Laura Gil added 13 points and Tania Perez scored 11.  Ali Schwagmeyer only scored three points and only played for seven minutes.  Tyrese Tanner scored 7 points in 16 minutes of play.

For Gernika, Bernice Mosby scored 18 points and 7 rebounds to lead Gernika.  Rachael Vanderwal scored 12 points and Mirna Mazic scored 10 points and had five rebounds.  Britany Miller scored just four points but had 7 rebounds in 19 minutes of play.

Conquero 72, Uni Girona 65

The big game on Sunday matched up undefeated Uni Girona (now 7-1) at home against visiting Conquero (7-1).  Conquero got the win, and now every team in the Liga Feminina has one loss.  The win by Conquero means that there are now three teams tied for first place in Liga Femenina with identical 7-1 records.

At one point, Uni Girona led 22-8 in the first quarter.  Conquero began to mount a comeback afterwards with a 10-0 run in the third quarter to lead 49-47 at the end of the quarter.  It looks like the last quarter was the one that made the difference where Conquero put on the pressure and held Uni Girona to 16 fourth-quarter points.

Adaora Elonu led Conquero with 18 points and 7 rebounds.  Chelsea Davis followed right behind with 17 points and 7 rebounds off the bench in just 24 minutes of play.  Aleksandra Stanacev had 11 points in 15 minutes of play.  Aja Parham had just six points off the bench for Conquero, but then again she is coming off of a shoulder injury.

For Uni Girona, Ify Ibekwe led all scorers with 20 points/12 rebounds but it wasnt' enough.  Brittany Chambers had 13 points/7 assists/6 rebounds in the loss.  Anna Carbo scored 12 points and Vita Kuktiene scored 14 points in a starting role.

It looks like Adaora Elonu is scoring those points based on a championship diet.  Watch this YouTube video to see "Cooking with Adaora Elonu".

Campus Promete 65, Gran Canaria 62

Campus Promete (now 1-7) was looking for its very first win of the season against visiting Gran Canaria (2-6).  Maybe the long road trip helped, with Promete edging Gran Canaria in a tight game.  Just as every team in the Liga Femenina has one loss, they also have one win after Round 8.

Gran Canaria did post some Vine images of the beginning of the game.

Campus Promete got a good game out of their newest signing, Serbian player Adrijana Knezevic.  The game was pretty much tied back and forth until the very end. 

Leslie Knight hd 16 points in the victory for Campus Promete.  Three other players had double figures as well, including LaNedra Brown with 10 points and six rebounds.

Vega Gimeno led all players for Gran Canaria with 18 points.  Akila McDonald scored a 10 point/10 rebound double-double.  Robyn Parks scored 6 points/5 rebounds in 32 minutes of play and had five turnovers.

Round 9 (November 21-23)

Mann Filter (3-5) at Gran Canaria (2-6)
Bembibre (5-3) at Gipuzkoa UPV (2-6)
Perfumerias (7-1) at Zamora (4-4)
Ferrol (3-5) at Rivas Ecopolis (2-6)
Al-Qazeres (2-6) at Gernika (5-3)
Cadi La Seu (6-2) at Conquero (7-1)
Uni Girona (7-1) at Campus Promete (1-7)