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Ted Leonsis acknowledges practice facility will be built for the Mystics

The Mystics will practice in the practice facility whenever it opens. But beyond that, we don't know.

Rob Carr

Washington Mystics owner Ted Leonsis acknowledged on his blog Wednesday that a basketball practice facility will be built, but would not discuss further details. From the blog:

We will eventually build our own new practice facility for the Wizards and Mystics. Maybe it could house a D League team, too?

We haven't made any decisions as to where the facility will be located. Or when it will be built.

Since there are a lot of moving parts with the facility, the possibility of a smaller 5,000-seat arena, and where, and when it would be built, we don't know what the plans for the Mystics are with the facility, except that they will use it as a practice facility.

Since Leonsis hasn't confirmed or denied whether the Mystics may or may not be playing their games at the possible 5,000-seat arena in the facility, we still encourage you to sign this petition to ensure that they remain at Verizon Center after this project is completed, whenever that is.