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Tuesday links: The latest on Daisha Simmons, Lindsey Harding working with Toronto Raptors, Skylar Diggins endorsing BODYARMOR

A collection of women's basketball-related links and tweets from the last 24 hours or so, including a quick summary of the ongoing Daisha Simmons saga.

Judy Bonner has entered the fray of the Daisha Simmons controversy, re-asserting what has become the company line.
Judy Bonner has entered the fray of the Daisha Simmons controversy, re-asserting what has become the company line.

Since there has been some confusion, a quick summary of the most recent developments in the Daisha Simmons story, which Mike Robinson has done a great job covering for us:

  • On Friday, Simmons' legal counsel Don Jackson apparently filed two complaints, as Mike reported yesterday: one with the university and a Title IX complaint, which is a federal matter.
  • Sometime over the weekend, people from Alabama began spreading a rumor that Simmons never informed them of her family's health issues, as Mike addressed this morning.
  • As Jackson alluded to multiple times in his Q&A with Mike yesterday, he sent an email to University of Alabama President Judy Bonner informing her of the Title IX complaint on Friday. Given reports from yesterday, we can assume that Bonner was responding to that email about the complaint when she repeated the company line: "The University of Alabama considers this matter closed."

Buried within all that was a quote from Jackson that is important to highlight in light of Bonner's canned response:

What they're doing is they're attempting to justify her not being allowed to compete this year and attempting to hide behind NCAA legislation. No waiver case is truly closed if there's new information available. That new information can be submitted at any time -- it can be submitted right back to the NCAA interpreting staff. At that point, it would be simple to reopen the case and it would start all over again...We have (sent) a notice that we consider this -- the things that are occurring in the in this basketball program -- to be in violation of Title IX. They have a legal obligation to investigate that - and that's legal obligation under Federal law.

To elaborate on that, a complaint filed with the University would go through their institutional grievance process; a Title IX complaint is filed with the U.S. Department of Education and triggers a preliminary investigation from the Office of Civil Rights. There are two great resources on how that process works, which both get specific about when a Title IX complaint needs to be submitted: no more than 180 days after the alleged violation.  Simmons is well within that window.

For more on what a Title IX complaint is and how they work:

TL;DR: Whether this case is "open" or "closed" is no longer in Alabama's hands, no matter how strongly they insist that it's "closed" -- it will be up to the OCR once they process the complaint.

Again, acknowledging that this entire ugly situation reflects much larger problems cultural and structural problems with the NCAA rather than an indictment of any single individual, things have literally spun completely out of control for Alabama as this has been allowed to become a national story. There's not a whole lot more to say about that, except that it seems to get worse by the day and it's not going to get any better with a Title IX complaint in play.

Nevertheless, we'll begin with a few links about what others are saying before sharing a few other interesting links from around the women's basketball world.


  • Jerry Carino of the Asbury Park Press first reported President Bonner's response to Jackson: ""I received your request for a meeting," Bonner emailed Donald Maurice Jackson, an attorney representing Simmons. "Because you have already spoken with (deputy athletics director) Shane Lyons and because the NCAA has made its decision in this case, The University of Alabama considers this matter closed. Therefore, there is no reason for us to meet to continue any discussion of this matter." Read more >>>
  • Matt Norlander of CBS Sports writes, "There are no doubt small details that Alabama likely considers significant to its side of the story, but when you stand back and look at what's happening, the only thing that should matter is the well-being of a woman who's trying to do good as soon as possible to help her family, which includes a brother on a wait list for a kidney, his life hanging in the balance." Read more >>>
  • Brandon Gurney of the Deseret News wrote a great article about how BYU plans to move on with life after Jennifer Hamson, who was selected in the second round of the 2014 WNBA Draft. One key potential improvement: "Lexi Eaton's health. We have (sent) a notice that we consider this -- the things that are occurring in the in this basketball program -- to be in violation of Title IX. They have a legal obligation to investigate that - and that's legal obligation under Federal law." Read more >>>
  • Walt Moody of the Centre Daily Times reports that coach Coquese Washington sees her Penn State team as "a team full of freshmen": after losing the four seniors from last year's team and a pair of eventual WNBA draft picks from the previous year's team, PSU's team is inexperienced if not entirely "young". Read more >>>


  • Doug Smith of the Toronto Star reports that L.A. Sparks guard Lindsey Harding is currently participating in an "internship" of sorts with Dwane Casey of the NBA's Toronto Raptors to "learn the nuances of a difficult business." From Rick Carlisle, who has rapidly emerged as a champion of women coaching in the NBA: "I respect Lindsey a lot because she’s taken a proactive approach to beginning her coaching career. She talked to (NBA commissioner) Adam Silver last year at the all-star game, I was put in contact with her this summer and I talked to her about some ideas to kind of get going with it and she’s taken all that stuff and run with it." Also noteworthy: Casey was also supportive of Jenny Boucek, who is working with the Carlisle's Dallas Mavericks, when the two were in Seattle prior to the Sonics moving. Read more >>>
  • Darren Heitner of Forbes reported that Skylar Diggins has been added to a group of professional sports celebrities to endorse sports drink BODYARMOR, which should be great exposure not only for her but the league as a whole. Roc Nation Sports, FTW. Read more >>>
  • Sean Deveney of the Sporting News reported that Michelle Roberts has already been vocal about the NBA's players getting their share of the league's lucrative new TV deal. "Shortly after Silver announced the deal, Roberts released a statement saying, "The new television and media deals are good news for all of the stakeholders in the business of the NBA. … It is clear that the league is now entering a period of unprecedented revenue growth. Our job will be to ensure that the players receive their fair share of the results of their efforts and that we do everything possible to maintain the growth and popularity of the game." So, I'll just throw this out there: how might these expanded broadcast deals, or future deals, eventually impact WNBA players? Read more >>>

Got other links that we missed or that you just want to share randomly? Drop us a line in the comments, create a fanshot, or create a fanpost if you have a longer opinion to share on something.