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Spanish League Round Five: a video worth seeing

This update of Spanish league play will have to be a short one. But there's a 15-minute video I'd recommend to anyone interested in basketball.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Blogging about the Spanish league depends on one's availability, and I've not been very available this week due to work.  So there will be no detailed write-ups today.

There is an item I want to bring to your attention before you go.  It's a video that I think anyone interested in basketball in Europe should watch.  Granted, it is in Spanish and that might scare some people away.

But the visuals, the music, and the atmosphere are fantastic.  This video could be a ESPN Nine for Nine short if someone subtitled it into English.  It's the best video I've seen about women's European basketball because it gives you a sense of the atmosphere of what the game is really like for the players, the dressing rooms, the size of the gymnasiums, the preparations the players make, the game atmosphere.

If you like should watch it.  The video is at.  It's about the financial crisis in Spain and Rivas Ecopolis's struggle to survive.  But the impressions left with the viewer are the visual ones and the piano music is haunting.

Go see it.  It's at the link below.

Video link.

(* * *)

As for a roundup of Round Five, you can visit or the Spanish basketball federation (FEB) website
to find out what's going on.  Websites that report on international basketball are Love Women's Basketball if you want an English language report, or Just Women's Basketball for those fans who can work with a Turkish website.

There has been a lot going on in the league.  Rivas got their first win, releasing Bri Kulas and picking up Lyndra Weaver (formerly Lyndra Littles).  Ali Schwagmeyer caught on at Cadi La Seu.  But for now, all I have is the league table.  Maybe more on Sunday.

Spain 2014-10-30