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Alabama AD Bill Battle and women's basketball coach Kristy Curry are the "Worst Persons in the Sports World"

Watch why they are "the worst in sports" here.

On Friday, ESPN's Keith Olbermann gave his list of "Worst Persons in the Sports World."

At "Worst", Alabama Athletic Director Bill Battle and women's basketball head coach Kristy Curry were the honorees, for "avenging themselves against a former player, just for the hell of it." Olbermann gave a quick summary on the whole situation with Daisha Simmons' transfer issue, just to show how ridiculous it is. The video of Olbermann's segment is embedded above, where he wishes that the Crimson Tide goes 0-32 this season.

The other "honorees" were U.S. Soccer for "Worse" because the organization listed Hope Solo on the women's national soccer team for the CONCACAF tournament. Solo is facing pending domestic violence charges in Seattle. University of Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon was "worser" for what's going on in the football program, including a snarky email he sent to a fan who wouldn't be renewing her football season tickets.

Man, it's big if a national sports show is making note of the situation in Tuscaloosa.

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