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Friday morning links: 2014 FIBA Women's World Championships quarterfinals begin, Tamika Catchings planning her retirement

10 links from around the world of women's sports, from the 2014 FIBA World Championships in Turkey to a bit more about Daisha Simmons.

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The big news from yesterday -- and the day before, really -- was Daisha Simmons' fight to transfer from Alabama to Seton Hall.

We have plenty on that story -- with more to come shortly -- which you can find in our storystream detailing exactly what transpired over the summer to get to the point where Simmons is not eligible to play this season. So for this morning, we'll focus on actual basketball being played: the 2014 FIBA World Championships for Women quarterfinals.

Aneela Syed has already previewed Canada's matchup with Australia and opportunity to make some history, but we'll begin with another team forging new ground.


  • Elliott Almond of the San Jose Mercury News wrote a feature on Nneka Ogwumike's "rookie" year with Team USA and writes that, "Auriemma's job in picking an Olympic roster just got more difficult. Nneka and sister Chiney Ogwumike hope to turn it into a hair-pulling decision in the coming years." Should the they beat France this time around, Team USA will face the winner of the Australia-Canada game. Read more >>>
  • Johnette Howard of espnW picked up the story of how the Qatari women's basketball team's protest of FIBA's rule that does not permit them to wear head coverings during games is an example of when "refusing to play can actually be the right thing to do". She concludes: "Muslim women have enough impediments to competing. FIBA needs to stop throwing an unnecessary roadblock in their way." Read more >>>


  • Mechelle Voepel of ESPN looked at the play of Tina Charles at the World Championships, particularly in light of a difficult two seasons in Connecticut and New York. It made for an easy segue to a discussion of where the New York Liberty stand currently: "A long way from winning it all, which is what Bill Laimbeer stated was his goal in coming back to the WNBA as New York's coach and general manager. He has a lot to still try to fix, and it's not something you necessarily see being solved for next season." Read more >>>
  • Athlete Ally has selected the WNBA as an honoree for its LGBT Athletes and Allies award. The organization is focused on ending homophobia and transphobia in sports by educating allies in the athletic community and empowering them to take a stand. Read more >>>


  • Rob Dauster of NBC's CollegeBasketballTalk made an astute point about the Daisha Simmons situation: "I understand that if Simmons’ family needs that much support, it may not be in her best interest to spend all of her time playing basketball. But that’s her decision to make, not Alabama’s. It won’t be easy, but it’s sure possible that she can manage her time well enough to practice, attend games, get her class work done and see her brother. And that’s saying nothing of the fact that it might bring her family a bit of joy to be able to see her play. Dialysis isn’t fun, but there’s no pick-me-up like cheering on your baby sister in a Big East basketball game." Read more >>>
  • Cal women's basketball put together a "Meet The Freshman" video for Gabby Green. If you've never seen her play, here's all you really need to know: she's long, she's listed at 6'1", she's also listed as a guard, and she's aiming to go to the WNBA. And as far as I'm concerned, none of that is a stretch: I saw her play a few times in high school and she's the truth. Watch the video >>>

Miscellaneous Sports and Society

  • For the next time someone tells you about what women can't do, maybe remind them of Ediane Gomes? Read more >>>

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